One of the best things I’ve found so far on Pinterest! I’m definitely making these for the Bachelorette Party in September!

I should probably tell you first about my summer, and the way it has temporarily changed by outlook on and treatment of the food in my life, but today, all I want to write about is Pinterest.

I’m living with my amazing Aunt this summer.  Not only has she had amazing patience about having me and Scarlett around in her space, but has also turned me on to this new (to me) thing called Pinterest. My aunt is the type of person who I’ve always wanted to be like. She’s smart, hard-working and fun; but she also has this A-Mazing aptitude for making wonderful beautiful things out of nothing.

I have to admit, when she told me about Pinterest I was a bit skeptical. Mostly, I really don’t need another addiction in my life to take up my time and attention. However, at some point during the summer, I found it and got absolutely hooked.

Now, if you don’t know anything about Pinterest, you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about the Internet in a food blog.  The most amazing things about Pinterest is the food!  I imagine each “pinner” has his or her own favorite about Pinterest, but mine is the food.  I have a feeling it is going to open up my food horizons more than I can say. Every time I open up my Pinterest boards, there are dozens more amazing recipes “pinned” or even invented by other people like myself.

If nothing else, Pinterest will inspire me to use new techniques and show me new recipes to try.  In my opinion, Pinterest could single-handedly keep any home cook from getting bored!

Anyway, I am so excited to get back in my kitchen with my roomie and make some of the wonderful things that you all have “pinned” to share!  Between the Birthday Cake shots I fully intend to make for the Bachelorette Party at my house in a month and the Apple Pies actually baked into the apples, I’m going to be one happy (and busy) girl!  I promise to post pictures and hopefully I’ve enlightened someone new to Pinterest who can contribute to my awesome new WWW recipe book!

Happy Pinning and Happy Eating!